About ICM

Our Story

Ivy Capital Management was founded by student groups from select universities across the United States. As undergraduates, the team realized that college students had no real world outlet to utilize the skills and concepts they learned in class. While many clubs and stock simulators allow students to practice investment strategies, there is simply no better way to learn than through doing. Thus, Ivy Capital Management was founded. Over the course of 3 months, the team fundraised over $500,000 in capital to start a fund that could be mutually managed by students at various schools across the United States. Ivy Capital Management has since grown to numerous schools, with hundreds of analysts, investment partners, and portfolio managers.


Ivy Capital Management is a global investment management firm that develops practical investment strategies and customized investment solutions. We manage investments across a range of asset classes including publicly traded securities, capital markets, real estate, fixed income assets and venture capital. ICM investment partners are committed to generating compelling investment returns for our clients by pursuing the highest standards of excellence in investing—starting from the analysts we hire and the systematic, disciplined investment approach we take. We are dedicated to our clients—as we invest on behalf of individuals, endownments, pension and trust funds, and sovereign wealth funds. At ICM, we are committed to a research-driven approach that enables us to contstruct a highly diversified and customized portfolio. We aim to deliver quality and value in our investments through a robust risk management framework that leverages our global perspectives, expetrtise quantitative investment strategies and rigorous due diligence process.


Ivy Capital Management is looking for more than just analysts—we are looking for thinkers. We believe that vital to ICM’s success is the environment and culture we set. We want analysts and partners alike to embrace collaboration and interdisciplinary study. ICM believes that a good investment begins with understanding and research. While specialists in finance may look at an asset in one way, someone in another sector—say biology or art—may approach that same asset in another way. Out of these diverse perspectives come high quality results that stem from deep conceptual understandings of companies in the context of other sectors. ICM prides itself on embracing all opinions about an investment and synthesizing them to formulate the best outcome.